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In the first book of the “Floridinger” series the characters in the story meet on a log that is floating down a lazy river and they all go to a party together called “Swamp Fest.” The swamp is full of  creatures who are playing music, eating food and having fun. The Floridingers become friends and camp out overnight. When they wake up in the morning they decide to start making plans for their next great adventure


Author, Gordon Halleck is a writer of short stories, poems and campfire songs. His experience with early childhood development was the inspiration for this Floridinger Book series. “Floridingers” is the scientific term for the genus of an imaginary hybrid species that are made up of Floridian  reptiles mammals, birds, fish and insects.The Floridingers picture book series  teaches readers about the  differences between species in an artistic and educational way by engaging children and inspiring them to develop their own Floridinger characters. The first book introduces each character with a short explanation of their individual traits and what makes each one unique. The stories highlight adventures and the importance of curiosity, acceptance, friendship and cooperation. Every book in the series focuses attention on the ecosystem, biodiversity and  our planet s' natural resources.



Artist, Perdita Ross enjoys the art process and illustrations which animate the Floridinger stories with imaginary hybrid creatures and the colorful lively places they visit. The artwork for the picture books are made from  recycled cardboard paper and UV fluorescent paint. Every book is sold with a pair of 3D chroma depth glasses to add another level of  dimension to the cut paper images. The original illustrated fluorescent  panels glow under UV light which provides a magical quality to the interactive “Read Aloud” picture book story and art activity. The kids really Love it!

Floridinger Book Reading and Art Activity

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Contact us to provide a fun and educational "Read Aloud Program" with an art activity for kids of all ages! We will bring the fun to you with the original artworks from our Floridinger Picture Book series complete with blacklights and 3D chroma depth glasses. We want to inspire kids to use the library as a resource, find picture book references of Florida based species and create their own unique one of a kind Floridingers! Join

the Floridinger Fan Club and upload your artwork to our Floridinger Facebook page! Provide your info and we will credit the artist and their creation. "Floridingers go to Swamp Fest" is the first book in the series of picture book adventures that highlight Florida's ecosystems and habitats with hybrid characters that have special skills and abilities. We hope you will take a to few minutes to look at our short video presentation! Please see   https://www.facebook.com/floridingers/                                                                        ( and watch the 2 minute video )